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Your Data Center is fully committed to catering to the needs of our advertisers and developing productive, long-term relationships with them. We realize that the success of any business depends, in large part, on exposure of your products or services to the general public through advertising and we are here to assist you to that end. We offer highly effective product branding and marketing options designed to maximize the return on your investment and generate traffic for your business.

Our extensive software library was designed from the ground up to maximize through-traffic from individuals looking for software solutions and repeat visitors are common. Our library is both user-friendly and well organized allowing authors to submit and maintain their software in real-time and allows visitors to rate products, post opinions, suggest new categories, comment on a particular product, participate in polls and more. In addition, visitors may automatically bookmark the site via a link at the top of the main page or use the "tell a friend" form to inform their friends about the site. We also have a weekly opt-in newsletter which is sent out to a large number of subscribers on a regular basis, further increasing the amount of exposure for your product or service. Finally, our software submission form clearly explains to authors in a user-friendly language, the meaning of each form feild and our FAQ section comfortably guides newbies through the various terms and phrases used in the software industry.

We accept both animated and static 468 x 60 pixel banners and 88 x 31 pixel buttons in either a gif, png or jpg format. Odd sized or shaped banners are gladly accepted as well. We also accept a number of non-standard banners including Flash, Java, Javascript, DHTML, Image Map, Audio, Video, HTML, Forms-Based and Iframes. All banners should be linked to a working URL. These banners are placed in a prominent position at the top of the category(s) or subcategory(s) you selected (directly below our image map) and cycled with other banners perpetually. Each banner is rotated for approximately 15-20 seconds. Below is an example of a typical banner...

All advertising rates are on a monthly basis and payable via credit card, electronic check, personal check or money order. If you have special advertising needs not mentioned here, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please fill out the form below if you think you might be interested in advertising with us. This form does not constitute a purchasing agreement but will simply provide us with an idea of your specific needs and how we can best serve you. All information entered into this form is considered to be confidential in nature and will not be disclosed under any circumstances privacy policy

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